American Diversity Visa Lottery Program.

DV-2017 is the next expected visa lottery program that will accepts online application from eligible people. The diversity visa program used to provide 50,000 slots to eligible applicants from eligible countries. This is the one and only visa lottery program that allows lucky people to immigrate to the USA within short period with less money and in quick time. This program is best for those eligible people who are staying in the USA with a student visa or visitor visa. If they had been selected with low case number, it will be a big gift for them to change their current status to US LPR status in short period once the processing is started.

The American visa lottery program for the fiscal year 2016 had opened its online application submitting website in the year 2014 for 33 days continuously and had closed after the end of the allowed days.

The Application form for the draw used to be provided through the official web site of the American Government every year.
What are the requirements to participate in this draw?

Winner's visa processing fee will be US$ 330.

If a selected winner's entry permit was refused at the time of the interview the visa processing fee will not be refunded.

Once the entry permit is issued to a person under this program, another US$ 165 should be paid as USCIS processing fees before to be issued with the American Green card (LPR)

The US Government will issue visas only to the eligible winners who fulfill all the requirements..

The US Government will provide the required visas only to the selected winner once he is success in the visa interview. Air tickets or housing assistance will not be provided to the visa holders. Everything must be met by them.

If you had lost your confirmation number contact , where they will charge a small amount for the confirmation recovery service.